Portrait of Marguerite van Mons

Théo van Rysselberghe  Portrait of Marguerite van Mons

Marguerite Van Mons was ten years old when Van Rysselberghe made this portrait of her in June 1886. He was 23 himself. Marguerite's father and patron of the arts, Emile Van Mons, was a good friend of the painter. This peaceful portrait of his daughter is dedicated to him.It is an enchanting child's portrait. We are given a frontal view of Marguerite, in a black dress, standing in front of a pastel blue double door with gilt mouldings. She is not placed exactly in the middle, nor is her figure depicted full-length. The painter seem to surprise the girl as she grabs the doorknob. This is tempered by the dreamy and rather mysterious gaze of the girl. The silver of Marguerite's bracelet shines in the midst of the gilt, blue and black. Another contrast is the one between the black of the dress and Marguerite's pale skin.


H: 90 cm
W: 70 cm


Oil on canvas