Paul de Vigne – Psyche

Paul de Vigne  Psyche

De Vigne's ivory Psyche from c. 1878 is uncommonly subtle and sophisticated. The head is set as a slight angle, the neck is elongated and the sculptor has excelled in suggesting the softness of the subject's skin. The volumes are balanced, even poised, and all the elements are worked out in detail, but none overly so. But the greatest attraction of this Psyche has as much to do with the expression as with the technique: one is struck by the paradox between the seriousness of this girl's gaze and her youthfulness. Not surprisingly, therefore, this sculpture was already linked to 16th-century Renaissance examples, which indeed served as inspiration to de Vigne. For instance, De Vigne also worked with live models.


H: 30 cm
W: 13,1 cm
D: 13,1 cm




c. 1878