Head of Pierre de Wissant

Auguste Rodin  Head of Pierre de Wissant

One of the most famous sculptures by the French sculptor Rodin is his dramatic group The Burghers of Calais from 1889. Attempts to buy the complete group for what was then the brand-new Ghent museum failed. This powerful head with its poignant expression is a reprise of one of those 'burghers', Pierre De Wissant. The head is larger than the one in the actual group, a procedure that Rodin frequently applied, with the help of his assistants. For the rest, though, its execution is almost identical to its counterpart in the group. Rather than an individual 'portrait', this is a study of the expression of human tragedy.


H: 82,3 cm
W: 54,7 cm
D: 48 cm




c. 1908