St Veronica of Binasco

François-Joseph Navez  St Veronica of Binasco

St Veronica was born in Binasco, near Milan in 1445. She grew up in a poor but devout peasant family. After the Holy Virgin appeared to her, she decided to relive Christ's passion on a daily basis through penance and flagellation. She later joined the Augustine nuns, where she distinguished herself through her remarkable virtue and her never-drying tears. Veronica died in 1497. This painting was created the year after François-Joseph Navez left Paris to follow his master Jacques-Louis David to Brussels. Both artists respected one another and exchanged artistic ideas. This early work reveals the unmistakable influences of David's later style, which was characterized by a mix of realism and idealism and increased attention for facial expressions.


H: 92 cm
W: 82 cm


Oil on canvas